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  • color: blau Suede
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  • color: coconut / mokka
  • color: coconut / mokka

Vitallo Velos

Passion in Lifestyle.

Novumline Highlights
Made to measure

Your feet are as individual as you. For this reason, Vitallo shoes are exclusively made to measure. We take your measurements and translate this information to make an exact fit for the uppers and lining. The entire shoe is foot formed for a precise, glove like fit.


The most durable connection in the field of shoemaking is the seam. It resists high stress, and yet allows for maximum flexibility that results in longevity. For this reason, at each Vitallo a seam connects the upper with the midsole. Precisely and individually adapted to the nature of the upper, it is elaborately sewn by hand.

Gecko sole

Using nature as a model, our soles use a Gecko profile. The distinctive tread design and special rubber compound provide excellent cushioning and are slip resistant. The sole and shock absorbing heel wedges are all hand fitted to enable unparalleled comfort.

Climatocork interior

Specially developed by Vitallo, Climatocork is an advanced system that is the heart of each Vitallo shoe. Our breathable, made to measure Climatocork interior employs only the finest sourced cork from the bark of Portuguese oaks and provides an excellent climate in the shoe.


Be Your Own Designer. Compose your Vitallo Novumline model to suit your fancy. Combine our exquisite Vitallo leathers with a multitude of seam and sole colors, to create your very own one of a kind.


Unique design by purism was the motto for the creation of Velos. It takes extraordinary craftsmanship skills to form a shoe upper using a single piece of leather - from the tip to the tongue up to the heel wing.