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Passion in ShoeMaking.


Our Vitallo shoes have their birthplace in the Middle Franconian town of Hilpoltstein. The shoe-manufactory Hackner is set in a historic sandstone building near the city center. In ancient times the building was a tanners factory and was known as the "House of Tanner". Hilpoltstein is a charming town and is centrally located between the metropolitan areas in Bavaria - Nuremberg and Ingolstadt - just about five minutes away from the A9 motorway.
Approximately 1,000 years ago, Herren von Stein - a nobleman directly subordinate to the then emperor - built a castle and to established Hilpoltstein as a recognized Township. Hilpoltstein was an important stop en route between Nuremberg and Munich and from there on to Venice. During pre-industrial times, Hilpoltstein was a day's journey from Nuremberg and soon became a popular stop over for merchants and businessman alike. The city walls were fortified to provide security, and local businesses such as bier gartens and inns flourished. Today many of these businesses are still thriving, and historic buildings such as City Hall, the granary, along with the 17th Century baroque church and the former palace - are all popular tourist attractions. After 1,000 years, the castle tower still stands prominently and is a famous symbol of the town. All these elements together make up a charming ensemble that is Hilpoltstein.

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