Passion in ShoeMaking.


Friedrich Hackner
As the father of the Vitallo brand, master shoemaker Friedrich Hackner is proud to continue his family's tradition. Friedrich's passion in shoe making is reflected in his constant drive to develop new processing and production techniques. As a visionary thinker, he has combined the classic shoe-making process with pioneering innovations. Friedrich continues to innovate with such techniques as the "TroisCoutures" or three seams method which can be found in our classic line of men's shoes, the Kontorline collection. This Vitallo design line was characterized by Friedrich Hackner like no other: Timeless designs, attention to detail, and advanced construction techniques represent a new type of luxurious comfort and perfect craftsmanship only to be found at Vitallo. Friedrich's other passion is equestrian sports. In typical Vitallo fashion, Friedrich cannot help but combine his passions to create unique riding and polo boots. Friedrich's style is instantly recognizable in its simplicity, elegance and subtle designs.

Michael Hackner
Motorsports and an enthusiasm for cars have always been a part of Michael Hackner’s earliest memories. After Michael completed his studies on shoe technology and graduated with a degree in engineering, he sought to bring his skills and his passion together. He had all the tools necessary to create a superior driving shoe unrivalled in all aspects. Michael realized this vision with great passion. He decided that the line of his designs should reflect the dynamics of vehicles in which his shoes would later find their use. Much like great car designs, Michael instituted clear, simple lines for his designs. As an avowed minimalist, his motto is "less is more when designing a Vitallo". This theme runs like a thread through his Vitallo collections that include the Monoposto-, Novum- and Playersline. Besides his love of fast and beautiful cars, Michael is also an avid golfer. Again, he sought to combine his passions and develop a new paradigm in golf shoes. Golf is a sport of distance and the players ability to strike the ball with correct, measured precision. Like the sport of golf, our Playersline collection stands for precision made to measure golf shoes. With its unique two part upper that contains a water proof membrane, flexible sole and variable spike positioning system all combine to create an indispensable companion on the green. The Vitallo Ace provides a unique balance of comfort and support that cannot be found in any golf shoe today. Its unique design is unmistakably à la Michael Hackner.

Stefan Hackner
Stefan Hacker together with his brother Michael Hackner represent the third generation in the family business. A trained shoemaker in his own right along with his broad expertise in the craftsmanship area, Stefan is the de facto product expert at Vitallo. As a result, he is able to provide trusted knowlege in all the available stylistic and bespoke options. Stefan's uncanny ability to compose products in new, refreshing ways led to the creation of our matching set that consists of our deluxe driver's jacket, belt and shoes. He knows how to introduce customers to the concepts and philosophy of Vitallos "Be Your Own Designer" - BYOD. Stefan Hackner was the animating spirit behind the BYOD idea because he always wanted a pair of shoes to match his outfit perfectly in color. By the Vitallo BYOD concept, customers can compose their very own personalized shoes and Stefan is the "go to person" for new customers who require guidance and a high degree of options.

Our employees
Needless to say, our employees make up the brand Vitallo. They share our passion for quality and believe shoe making is an art form. Everyone of our employees have apprenticed with us for several years. To make our high quality shoes and accessories requires great skill and experience and only a chosen few can create products that are worthy of the name Vitallo.

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