Passion in ShoeMaking.

Shoe care

Leather is not just leather. Like the human skin, this fascinating natural material needs special care. With the passage of time and proper care our vegetable tanned Vitallo leathers unfold to show their natural beauty and unique character. That’s why only the highest quality leather cosmetics should be used for caring. In extensive testing, we determined the right care products and their correct use. Exquisite creams and lotions with almond oil or Shea butter provide the leather with moisture so that it retains its softness and shine. Impregnations on a natural basis provide a protective layer on the leather so that it is protected from moisture and dirt. Each Vitallo receives prior to its delivery a basic impregnation and is shipped with an appropriate basic set of leather care cosmetics. Different leather types need different types of leather care products and their individual application. We have summarized these in a little essay, which we will gladly provide on request.