Passion in ShoeMaking.

Brand & Logo

Vitallo shoes have been hand crafted by the Hackner family for generations. Vitallo is the culmination of passion, perfection and the drive to create unique, bespoke shoes that are truly pieces of art. The brand was conceived and created in 1988 by master shoemaker Friedrich Hackner. The word Vitallo is an Italian compound word. The first part “vita” means life and vitality. It imbues our desire to constantly create new and special creations fashioned with freshness and vigor in design. The second part “llo” is derived from the Italian word “cavallo”, meaning horse. Throughout history, horses have come to symbolize power, elegance and beauty. To blend these elements together, and create the perfect synthesis between form and function, is to be Vitallo.
Though Vitallo uses traditional and sustainable techniques, it has always embraced a commitment toward nature. The logo image of the stylized tree symbolizes the connection between our brand with nature. We give proof to this credo through sustainability in the production and the use of resource-saving materials. All these aspects merge into an inseparable unity of brand and logo.

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