Passion in ShoeMaking.

Made in Germany

Quality is a word with many meanings and interpretations. In our case, this word is synonymous with traditional craftsmanship, passion and perfection a la "Made in Germany". We are proud to describe our process as a true Manufactory. The term Manufactory describes us and our shoemaking completely. It originates from the Latin word Manus meaning hand, which is central to our production processes. Every shoe's midsole and upper is stitched together by hand, and every accessory that leaves our manufactory, is handmade to the highest level.
Here at Vitallo, we define luxury and exclusivity in a world that is perpetually drawn toward mass production. Not only do we employ the finest materials, but time is a key factor when making of our shoes and accessories. Our methods derive from a tradition that dictates no compromise when it comes to time. And that is why only a limited number of unique, unmistakable creations are made annually in our manufactory. Assuring each wearer an exclusivity rarely available today.

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